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5 year old won't sleep through the night

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Banana1984 Mon 24-Feb-20 00:45:23

My 5 year old does not sleep through the night she wakes up every single night at around 1am crying and crying refusing to sleep in her bed. When she was a baby she slept through the night no problem but since 2 years old she has done this. She gets into my and my partners bed and she's tall for her age so we are squashed and battered as she moves around in her sleep.
If I sleep with her in her single bed I am equally uncomfortable and again get bashed by her long arms and legs
I've tried ignoring her.. And on each occasion she screams and cries at the top of her voice for hours for us , 3 hours last time and also bangs the wall as my room is next to hers. This results in her dad losing his temper and telling her to shush loudly as he starts work at 6am meaning he's up at 5 so I can't do the ignoring anymore or his moaning as she cries even more if told to go to bed. She says she's scared on her own even with a nightlight and our door open, that she sees things in the room (a red face) and that it's not fair that me and partner sleep together and she sleeps alone. She has started school now and it's affecting her waking. Any ideas???

GailTheFish Mon 24-Feb-20 00:56:00

Bribery? A reward chart with a sticker each day, and a toy she wants if she sleeps through 5 nights in a row, for example? And maybe make up some special anti monster spray (just glitter and water in a spray bottle, maybe with a few drops of an essential oil too) to be sprayed at bedtime?

Is there anything in her room that makes weird shadows that could scare her? I remember being terrified at the shadows from a big teddy I had around that age.

Humina Mon 24-Feb-20 01:02:11

Mine doesn't either. My middle child was the same and stopped around age 7. They can't just stop being scared. They are tiny little beings. I get in with him or sleep on a put up mattress on his floor.

Banana1984 Mon 24-Feb-20 08:41:49

Great idea I will try anything!

Moonshine160 Mon 24-Feb-20 09:20:25

As a PP said she can’t just stop being scared, as frustrating as it is for you when both you and DH need sleep she is probably genuinely scared and feels like she needs you. Could you put a mattress by the side of your bed? Or if there’s not enough room make a comfy little nest on the floor with pillows and duvets and explain to her that if she wakes up feeling scared then she can come in and sleep beside your bed, but not to wake you both? Although this doesn’t solve the issue of her not staying in her own bed it’ll only be temporary and will pass. She is still so little, at that age they can seem so much more grown up than they are.

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