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Talk to me about the 18 month sleep regression

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frillseeking Tue 18-Feb-20 08:36:53

Any experience/ tips on this one? Tia

Bronnie2018 Wed 19-Feb-20 12:05:19

Watching with interest as I'm in the same boat with you @frillseeking

Refusing day it's early bedtime. Sleeps well at night which i know I'm grateful for! Cannot get enough day during the day! Cutting canine teeth as well....

frillseeking Wed 19-Feb-20 15:14:05

Ah I wish nighttime sleep was still good here bronnie! My LO will sleep fine for the first part of the night on the whole but then wakes up at 2am and won't settle. She is also cutting canines. She's been coming in with me but I'm due baby number 2 at the end of March so it's just not going to be an option. I tried to put her back into her cot last night and she stirred for an hour after but wasn't actually crying so I thought we had cracked it but then she started crying and screaming properly so I ended up bringing her in with me. She was crying, I was crying, I would've run away if I could! I just feel so tired and it's making me anxious about baby 2

Bronnie2018 Wed 19-Feb-20 20:30:59

I know it probably feels like a long way off but this is phase and it will pass. I'm clinging to that hope! Today I tried to do some housework as best I could but everyone few minutes I had to stop and distract her with something else. She usually plays happily for a while by herself.

Screaming and not wanting to sleep is a big sign that it's teething. Baby Panadol or nurofen has helped me. I give her some when's she's in the bath. A nice warm bath, pjs and then breastfeed and bed....doesn't always run smoothly but with no nap all day it's been working ok.

What do the naps look like for you?

jesslambo88 Tue 25-Feb-20 12:37:39

Omg Hun I think we're going through the same...our little boy has just gone 19 months and has always slept through apart from the odd occasion where he's woke for a bit of milk and gone back down...for the past 4 weeks he's been waking 2/3 nights during the night...last night wasn't a good night so he woke at 11, 1, 5.30 and 7...we have to settle him with some milk...we don't no what's wrong with him if it's teething or sleep regression or a bit of and my husband are exhausted and we're up at 6am for work xx

Bronnie2018 Wed 11-Mar-20 09:44:56

@frillseeking how are things now?
I'm sill getting no day naps over here!!! I'm pulling a 7am to 7pm days 😣😣

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