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Lambskins - do they help?

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faylisa Mon 03-Sep-07 05:06:34

I'm desperate for my 12 week old DS to sleep more at night (he's waking up constantly even when not hungry) and someone has suggested putting him on a lambskin. Does anyone have any experience of this? He's already in a grobag.

Othersideofthechannel Sat 15-Sep-07 21:48:37

I've only just seen this thread. Lambskin worked wonders for DS when he was same age. He is 4.6 now and has it spread across his pillow to sleep with.

faylisa Sun 16-Sep-07 06:40:40

Thank you for posting. I bought one in the end and it has worked wonders - he's gone from waking lots and lots of times to no more than once or twice a night.

DirtyGertiefromnumber30 Sun 16-Sep-07 06:45:55

oh agree, they are fab. my ds (4.5) still cant sleep without his 'baa baa'. its falling to pieces now but it's almost part of the family! glad your ds is finding it comforting smile

Othersideofthechannel Mon 17-Sep-07 17:15:34

I like your posting name dirtygertie!

FluffyMummy123 Mon 17-Sep-07 17:16:02

Message withdrawn

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