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BF/sleep issue

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ally90 Sat 01-Sep-07 15:33:04

If my 16 mth dd wakes in the night crying as last night, as if she had a nightmare or teething, I take her into bed with me and bf her. Then next day...she has 2 naps a day, she goes hysterical when I put her in cot. Screams till she's nearly sick, cries, shouts out, bangs sides of cot, hits her toys...! I feel its more tantrum than discomfort or fear (of another nightmare...what age do they start with them???).

She also carries this on, so tonight she will probably wake up and won't go back to sleep, I'll give her to dh as he doesn't have breasts and most likely she will refuse to nap tomorrow too. What usually works is just leaving nap till she's really tired then leaving her to cry it out. Then the next day she's usually okay.

Anyone else have this kind of bf as a one off the during night experience?

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