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anyone read "healthy sleep habits, happy child "??Any other sleep books you'd recommend?

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cheritongirl Thu 30-Aug-07 22:07:17

Having a few issues with my 10mo ds's sleep and have just seen this book on amazon, just wondering if i should get this one.
Have got all the routine-based books but looking for something different. ta!

Anjelika Fri 31-Aug-07 19:34:14

Hi Cheritongirl

I got this book out of the library and thought it was really good - so much so that I bought it from Amazon. I found the author to be very realistic when it comes to babies and sleep - for example he says that if it takes you lying on the bed with your baby to get them to nap, then do it. He supports both that kind of thing and just putting them down - the choice is up to you. I would def. recommend it.


choolie Fri 31-Aug-07 21:55:54

have you tried No-cry sleep solution - Elizabeth Pantley - gently does it approach, no CC - accepts it will take time, but baby focused.
and the Baby Sleep Book - willaim & martha sears. - pantley book slightly based on this.

just suggesting these as they sound similar to the one you mention from anjelika's comments - maybe try them from your library see if you like them first?

have tried a few things from both and they've helped us.

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