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Do I wake a napping 9 week old?

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charliemama Wed 29-Aug-07 11:27:21

Hello need some advice despite my ds being my third (thought I would be all confident by now!). Sometimes he is very unsettled in the day due to his discomfort in his tummy. However, some days like today he settles for a nap and 2 hours later he is still asleep. I remember not letting my other 2 nap this long in the morning so they would nap lomger in the afternoon, but this was when they were a bit older. If I wake ds2 he might be unsettled for the rest of the day. Any advice? Also he envariably falls asleep for about half an hour between 5 and 6ish so haven't been able to start bedtime routine as he is very unsettled and in discomfort until about 9pm. starting to feel a bit rubbish as don't seem to know what I'm doing.

Mumpbump Wed 29-Aug-07 11:28:43

Personally, I wouldn't wake a sleeping baby anyway. Enjoy the peace and quiet!

nell12 Wed 29-Aug-07 11:29:59


Enjoy this time, they never sleep this much again in that daytime once they hit 4 months!!

Jojay Wed 29-Aug-07 11:35:03

I think 2 hours is fine.

If it got to about 4 hours I might think about waking him, as he might get day and night mixed up, but IMO 2 hours is fine. smile

callmeovercautious Wed 29-Aug-07 11:35:32

I would leave a 9 week old tbh. He obviously needs it today! And as for routine - I left her to her own devices in the evenings for quite a while (about 5/6m), we had a routine but the time was down to her depending on what naps she had taken. Once it was bedtime though I never brought her back downstairs so she learnt day from night.
DD was a very windy baby and cluster BF in the evenings so it would have been very hard to just put her in the cot a 7pm and walk away (although I know someone who did this!)

Get a routine together so he becomes familiar with what is happenning. eg feed, bath, pjs, cuddle on Mummys bed, nursery rhyme then feed again if needed in the Nursery/bedroom then bed when sleepy.

As I said the time may vary quite alot, once he is more settled you can bring the bedtime forward and get your evenings back grin

inkstigmata Wed 29-Aug-07 17:19:08

If I leave DD3 to her own devices (and the same applied to DD2 and 1) she will nap loads in the morning and then be grouchy in the afternoon and will have a real problem settling in the evening, so yes I would try to encourage awake time in the morning. She is 5W.

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