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toddler getting out of bed

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dinkynoodles Mon 27-Aug-07 20:51:46

Hi am new to this so may not be very good with the lingo! My husband is currently trying to keep our 26 mnth old son in his bed (been gone 1hr 20 so far 30+ put backs so far!) always had problems with sleep from a tiny baby but osteopath at 8 mnths improved it. He never actually found any comfort from our bed until about 2 months ago. We are currently doing the "put back minumim fuss idea" and advise?

dissle Mon 27-Aug-07 20:56:05

Always a good tip is to put a stair gate across the bedroom door.

the slow withdrawal method then. This is where you sit in the room for a while at the side of the bed, then move to the door and sit then move outside the door and sit. Do this gradually over a week or so.
Dont talk to him, dont have eye contact with him, just sit and put him in bed.

its very difficult but probably 98% of people on here will tell you that they have also had this problem at first.
It is curable dont worry.

you are doing fab up till now, putting him back 30 odd times! well done.

dissle Mon 27-Aug-07 20:59:25

im trying to think of a good book that may help you with this.
i do think that if you hang on, there will be more replies soon. they are all caught up in the rude thread at the mo...shock

dinkynoodles Mon 27-Aug-07 21:06:45

Thanks dissle...Believe it or not, he's just gone off! So pretty intensive but with results...Wonder what tomorrow will hold hmm...And the rest of tonight for that matter..Thanks again...Off to make hubby a deserved cuppa

fransmom Mon 27-Aug-07 21:09:20

what, this one dissle?


potoroo Mon 27-Aug-07 21:44:38

Stair gate works best for us. He can't get out and eventually goes back to bed himself...

suzi2 Mon 27-Aug-07 22:11:22

We've been lucky so far with DS that he doesn't try and get out of his room too much. He definately gets out of bed and collects toys and things for himself, but we have no problem with that. We have a stairgate on the outside of the door to prevent him going wandering though. Sometimes he chances it and opens his door and shouts for us over the stairgate but we just go up and tell him to go back to bed.

I think taking a firm line of "put back, no chat" is the way to go though. Oh, other thing is when we're settling DS we talk about all the fun things we'll do when he's had a sleep and if he asks for TV or to play in the garden or something then we say "once you've slept" and that seems to encourage him to stay put.

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