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cc - urgent advice please!

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ratfly Wed 22-Aug-07 13:25:27

I have been doing some cc with ds (7 months) over the past few nights to help him drop the night feeds. It has been quite successful, with him going from 7- 7 for 2 nights, and waking at either 3am and 5am on 2 other days. I don't have any problem with doing cc with ds as I KNOW he is crying for attention (not the right word, but you know what I mean) and not for any other reasons. He always drops off within 5 mins for all of his sleeps.

But today he woke up grizzly. I have given him some calpol, and think he may be teething, although he is not grizzly anymore.

Well, his 10am nap came and he SCREAMED for about 45 minutes. This is not like him. I gave him the calpol then, did cc for 45 mins, but this is not like the normal cc. So, he didnt have any nap this morning.

Now he is due for his nap again. He dropped off in a few minutes, slept for about 15 minutes, then the whole screaming thing started again.

I am not sure whether to continue the cc now? We have never had to do it for naps, just in the night time, and I don't know is he is crying for attention, or if something else is bugging him. If I don't cc now will I wreck all the progress we have made?

ratfly Wed 22-Aug-07 14:01:58

ok, panic over!
I kept him up for a while longer, as I didnt think it was the time to continue cc, and now he has gone down without a peep. phew!
hopefully it wont affect the progress we have made so far...

Mumpbump Wed 22-Aug-07 14:04:20

IME, whenever ds is teething or ill, it all goes out the window. Sometimes he settles okay once he gets through the teething/illness, but sometimes we have to leave him to cry a bit. If you think your ds is teething or ill, I personally would give him lots of affection and then try cc again once you're sure he's over it.

Meeely2 Wed 22-Aug-07 14:04:52

i have heard you shouldn't do CC for naps as it will confuse come bedtime. If he doesn't want to sleep you can't make him. I used to get my two back out of bed, downstairs and play for another half hour and try again, if no, back down again. It would interer with my day but those days were quite rare.

ratfly Wed 22-Aug-07 14:09:05


I thought it was so unlike him that I wasnt going to do it after it was completely unsuccessful in the morning. At night it only took 30 minutes tops for him to do down, so that's why I got him up again when he was screaming for his morning nap.

When he got up he was fine (calpol?), but was obviously tired. Then when he didnt go down AGAIN when he was so knackered, it didnt feel right to do cc...I was just carrying him around soothing him instead!

I was just worried that he might be learning that if he cries for long enough I will come and get him, but it seemed so wring to let him cry if I thought he was poorly...

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