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strawberrysundayss Mon 25-Nov-19 22:50:06

Was interested in buying this smart bassinet second hand (still very expensive) and wanted to know if anyone has used it here in UK and what their experience of it was? It's only sold in US but some have imported it.

Need to fully justify spending £900 on a bassinet but at the same time can you really put a price sleep (yours and baby's)?

Any reviews/ comments greatly appreciated thank you.

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Hawse Tue 26-Nov-19 14:51:10

I am also debating buying one and would love to know if any UK people have used them. Im a US expat, but all my friends in the US swear by them. So pricey though, and not sure how they will work with UK electrics.

If you do consider importing one new, and not buying secondhand, pretty sure there is a black friday deal on right now.

Simonegoose Wed 10-Feb-21 09:52:12

I was given SNOO as a gift. Our baby was very premature, family in America unable to come and help because of COVID so we got the SNOO in their place. It isn’t a magic device, it is part of a sleep training philosophy with an aim of uninterrupted sleep for as long as possible. Which obvs I’d love but I’m too soft to even swaddle the baby agains her will. DD doesn’t automatically calm down in it. It worked one night and then it didn’t the next night. I let her have her arms out so that’s breaking the rules. I guess it’s important to know that it requires routine and particular mindset to put it in place, it isn’t like a womb it’s a cot with a motor and to me it feels too sterile.

Peridotty Thu 11-Feb-21 02:39:18

Hi!! I had a snoo. Im from the UK but live in the US. We bought it before our first baby was born. It comes with a one month trial period. We sent it back before this trial period was up!! It was pretty useless. Our baby hated it. It didn't calm her at all and she got more and more upset when the snoo rocked her harder. If the baby is screaming cos she is hungry or wants comforting, no snoo will help. It is also very loud. our baby also hated having her arms strapped down. If you read the reviews there are lots of parents who said the snoo didnt work for them! Or if it did, they had problems weaning. I wouldn't recommend it. Our baby slept better in a regular bassinet!

Peridotty Thu 11-Feb-21 02:40:59

The other thing was the constant white noise. We didn't like the fact the white noise was very loud against our baby's ear. I read research shows that it can cause hearing damage at the levels of the Snoo.

ManicPixie Fri 12-Feb-21 08:35:40

Didn't work for us at all, but then we bought it in desperation after the baby was over 3 months, so perhaps it was too late to change his ways with just a an automated movement.

I will say that the customer service was excellent and it was very easy to return, so as long as you're careful about keeping the packaging you've nothing to lose by trying it.

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