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Kiskidee been told you may be able to help me-please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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moljam Mon 20-Aug-07 10:16:22

i have thread called weaning off night feed.and was told you may be the lady to help!

moljam Mon 20-Aug-07 19:23:01


kiskidee Mon 20-Aug-07 19:28:17

are you co-sleeping or no?

moljam Mon 20-Aug-07 19:36:10

no we did till he was about 13 months but he outgrew it before we did so now has cotbed in our room

kiskidee Mon 20-Aug-07 19:37:45

how much of a sop are you when it comes to hearing crying? (I am a major sop and I can't listen to it at all.)

who said i was the person, btw?

kiskidee Mon 20-Aug-07 19:38:04

how old is your ds?

moljam Mon 20-Aug-07 19:39:41

callmeovercautious i'll try do link.
i am a sop yes but at the moment am desperate

moljam Mon 20-Aug-07 19:39:53

20 months

moljam Mon 20-Aug-07 19:42:41

herei hope!

kiskidee Mon 20-Aug-07 19:52:22

i'll respond after i put dd to bed. currently needing to go peel some tatties and hopefully get dh to bath her or the other way round.

clairybee's thing sounds good but i can't read the whole thing now (plus was finding it really hard to read without paragraphs. )

moljam Mon 20-Aug-07 19:55:11

ok thankyou,might not be about till tomorrow but thankyou so much for looking!

kiskidee Mon 20-Aug-07 21:57:21

done posted on your other thread.

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