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help! ds panicking about transition to cotbed

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vannah Sun 19-Aug-07 21:39:47

Although its much our fault, our 22 mnth DS has been sleeping in his bedside cot next to us up until now, Im expecting no2 in december so thought Id move DS away now.

He cant have his own room, we have no space. Reason why he's been next to us till now is that he's always been a poor sleeper and continuously getting out of bed (when we tried moving the cot to the other end of our room) was shattering for us both. Much easier to extend an arm and pat him/give him his comfort blanket.

We made a big fuss of his 'big boy bed', ie toddler bed decorated in thomas bedding etc. He was so excited, and fell asleep ok, (with me sitting at end of bed) but in middle of night, he whimpered and panicked and sat up for a couple of hours. Every time I went over, he would lie down but as soon as Id move away he would be up again crying out for me. It was horrible to hear him so frightened. Not sure I could do 'controlled crying' but is there a gentler way to reassure him and get him to settle himself?

Or must we sit with him till he falls asleep (can take up to an hour)?

so confused

thegirlwithnoname Mon 20-Aug-07 17:07:20

You have to be strong and not let him manipulate you like this, it will only get harder when you are pampering two babies and their bedtime routines after christmas, best to bite the bullet now.

Mumpbump Mon 20-Aug-07 17:12:27

I seem to remember seeing something like this on Supernanny - sorry! I think she suggested the parent sat on the floor and did not make eye contact with the child and then gradually moved further and further away until they were out of the room. No idea whether it will work, but maybe worth a try?

nailpolish Mon 20-Aug-07 17:21:54

i think its wrong to say a 22 month old is "manipulating" , sorry

doing CC is hard, especially when they are in a big bed and can get up

id try what mumpbump suggested

good luck

MegBusset Mon 20-Aug-07 17:25:12

Can you have his big bed next to yours, then move it away inch by inch gradually over a few nights?

GooseyLoosey Mon 20-Aug-07 17:27:20

How about a "special night light" that he can choose and leave on at night so that if he wakes up he can see you - you can explain in detail where you are so he knows where to look for you.

vannah Thu 23-Aug-07 21:04:01

thankyou for the replies everyone, im trying the move bed away gradually, so he is back near us at moment. Also - night light good idea thankyouxxx

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