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early waking in 14 mth old

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abracadabra Sun 19-Aug-07 13:08:22

I know it's been asked loads before, but in the past few weeks dd has gone from waking at 6.45 ish to 5.30 am which I find very difficult. She has a 30 min nap from 9.30 to 10.00 am and 1.5-2hrs after lunch,and goes to bed at 7.00pm. I'm wondering whether to cut out the morning nap and/or move her bedtime to 7.30 pm - any thoughts? Thanks!

foxymagoo Sun 19-Aug-07 14:49:41

My ds is 14 months too and he had a 3 month period of waking at 5.30am on the dot a couple of months back which I think was due to teeth coming through. i would try and push your dd's bedtime a little later and try and put her morning nap back a little too but not if she is knackered..

FYI ds's routine is:

Wakes: any time after 6am

Morning nap: 3 hours later so 9am if he wakes at 6 and so on.. He used to get 45 mins but now gets a strict half hour as i'm trying to wean him of this so he takes his 2 hours after lunch by the time he's 18 months. Its hard tho' as he's such an early riser.

Lunctime nap: 3 hours after he wakes from morning nap - he normally sleeps @ 1.5 hours.

I don't let him sleep more than 2 hours during the day.

his bedtime routine has gotten later and he now doesn't fall asleep until 8pm.

hope this helps

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