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Stopped sleeping through at 12 months... that was ages ago! help

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stripeydinosaur Tue 12-Nov-19 14:58:25

Hello, hopefully someone can offer some advice to a very tired mum and toddler!

DD was never a great sleeper, but thankfully was sleeping through the night almost all the time from about 9 months, and we had a blissful 3 months of sleep. Then shortly after her first birthday we moved house and she stopped sleeping through the night. We are lucky if she sleeps through once in a week.

I chalked it up to a sleep regression and disruption from the move and hoped things would get better as I know she CAN do it. But it's now 8 weeks since we moved, she's 14 months, and she's still waking in the night, sometimes taking up to 2 hours for me to settle her back to sleep.

We've had some bad luck with illnesses and obviously a massive change for her, but I'm now wondering if it's time to take action - does anyone have success with sleep training a 14 month old?

Her wakes are very inconsistent, sometimes midnight, sometimes 4.30, sometimes she'll go back to sleep for hours, sometimes a 4.30 wake means that's it for the day. Sometimes she's up for hours, sometimes just 20 minutes.

We almost never give her milk at night, and i've been trying to just rub her back to sleep rather than rock her as much as possible. I'm in a bad habit of not letting her settle herself to sleep at bedtime, even though she always used to settle herself from about 7 months.


SpicyTomatos Tue 12-Nov-19 15:34:28

If you google sleep regression and pretty much any age, you will get lots of hits by frustrated tired parents whose baby has suddenly regressed. Sadly, that is of little help to you. It is very common and eventually she will grow out of it.

I would say your options are (i) move into her room (ii) move her into your room/bed (iii) go to bed earlier, so you can afford to be up in the night (iv) accept it's just one of things for now and be tired. I'd probably go with (i), then (iii) then (iv) and then (ii) in that order.

Sorry that's not the really helpful advice you were hoping for.

stripeydinosaur Tue 12-Nov-19 15:45:52

Thank you for your reply.

I just have to hope that it will eventually get better! I keep thinking tonight will be the night, ever the optimist confused

I agree that moving her into our room should be a last resort, as I don’t want to have huge trouble getting her out again.

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