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What time does your 15 month old go to bed?

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Bronnie2018 Tue 12-Nov-19 11:04:44

Need help trying to get back my evenings!

Bubs currently not settling till 9pm most nights.

Naps well during the day 2 hours. Wake ups have been trying 7.30amfor a few weeks now.

Am I leaving her to nap too long? Too late in the day? Usually finished at 3pm.


What's your day like?

FriedasCarLoad Tue 12-Nov-19 22:31:53

12 month old here who usually sleeps 7:30pm-6:30 and about an hour’s nap in the day.

If one long nap, 1:30pmish.
If two short naps, the second no later than 3 (waking at 3:20/3:30).

Maybe the nap is too long?

Bronnie2018 Wed 13-Nov-19 03:00:48

Many thanks @FriedasCarLoad yes I think the nap might be too long. She sleeps pretty good overnight after finally getting down! Although tonight I'm wide awake and she's been asleep for hours!!! Mum life hey!!!

Interesting that your little one sleeps an hour what time is that?

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