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Why does my 5 year old keep getting up multiple times in the night!?

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PurpleTreeFrog Tue 12-Nov-19 08:33:21

My 5 year old was a pretty good sleeper between the ages of 2-5 apart from the odd night terror before we went to bed.

He doesn't really have the night terrors anymore but they have changed to a sort of weird sleepwalking thing where he comes out of his room a bit bewildered, only half awake, around 11pm, we guide him to the loo and then back to bed.

However that is not my main problem. The thing that I'm finding hard is that he then wakes up again around 1-2am, properly awake this time, and often finds it hard to fall asleep again. This means he comes into our room with some kind of excuse: I need a wee, I can't sleep, I had a bad dream, I've got a cough, I saw a light outside... last night it was "my feet are poking out the duvet" at 2am and then "my tummy feels funny" at 6am. When I send him back to his room he often comes back again half an hour later with another problem. It's driving me mad, I also have a 2 year old who disrupts my sleep sometimes, especially when he's ill, and I just want my 5 year old to stop disturbing me, it's also not good for his own wellbeing surely - going to cause issues at school if he hasn't had a good night sleep!

Anyone else had similar issues and overcome them? Grateful for any suggestions.

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