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Sleep regression

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Yorkmum83 Tue 12-Nov-19 03:24:47

Ds is 24 months and has been going through sleep regression for the past 4 months. At it's worse he was climbing out of his cot then ended up sleeping with us for nearly 2 months. We've finally managed to get him back into his own room and sleeping in a proper bed but he is still waking on the hour from about 1am screaming blue murder until we at best sit with him if not cuddle him back to sleep. To make matters worse my dh works long hours, up from 4 and not home until between 5 and 7, and I am 5 months pregnant and suffering with extreme depression. Also, whilst my dh is amazing with Ds, he insists on holding him to sleep if that's what ds wants no matter how much I tell him not to, usually leaving me to start from scratch the next day.
Ds naps well during the day and even happily sleeps up to 12 hours when at his grandparents for the night so I know he can do it, I just don't know how to get him to sleep at home. Needless to say we are both beyond exhausted and it's having a severe impact on our abilities to function during the day and on our relationships. I also wish we could pay for someone to come help us with this but unfortunately we just don't have the money, so any advice will be more than welcome

Snowflake9 Tue 12-Nov-19 03:42:33

Didn't want to read and run! But I have just put my 10 week old DS down back to sleep.

Sorry you are going through a tough time with your DS. Does he have bad dreams? Have you tried white noise to try and keep him asleep? I know my friend who's son did the exact same at 2 yo and it took her a few weeks to get him sleeping through again. She used : white noise, night light, not cuddles but a simple hand on the chest to comfort back to sleep, she would also leave the top she had worn that day for him to snuggle into?

Please remember this is all a phase, it's all temporary and you will get through this. You are a wonderful mum and you are doing a great job. Please don't be hard on yourself. X

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