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4 month old refuses to go in beside crib!

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Firesidetreats1 Mon 11-Nov-19 21:25:27

Up until about a month ago my little boy had become relatively good at bed time. We would put him to bed at about 7/7:30 and he would be fine until he wanted feeding.. we can put him down to sleep once but if he wakes up he then cries and refuses to go back in crib.. tonight for example - bed 7pm woke up at 8:30pm tried to resettle 6 times 6 attempts of putting him down him being fine then 2 mins later waking up.. it’s taken 45 mins but now I’ve come to bed and hes in bed me with as he was crying hysterically. He’s recently just started rubbing his eyes more as well which I think is waking him but I think he’s now too old to be swaddled? Does anyone have any advice.. this has been going on since October and I s gradually getting worse not better 🤦🏼‍♀️

HayleyHaystack Tue 12-Nov-19 04:33:51

4 month sleep regression OP. Just coming out of the other side, had 5 weeks of hell. Google it and it explains why it happens.

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