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1 year old bedtime routine?

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Zaplolly Mon 11-Nov-19 21:20:06

Hello everyone!
So I'm going back to work shortly after DS upcoming 1st Birthday after a lovely long year off (waaaah!)...
DS sleeps beautifully through the night in his own room , however when I put him to sleep I still cradle him in our bed in my arms with bottle until he falls to sleep and then carry into his own room. Need to get out of this habit and get him to get himself to sleep without being in my arms....
Interested to hear your bedtime routines for 1 year olds? Also morning routines with getting ready for work/nursery drop would be interesting!!
Thanks so much in advance!! grin

Modestandatinybitsexy Mon 11-Nov-19 22:16:25

DH has always done bedtime but he did similarly to you. We then moved it to stories and bottle then rock to sleep in rocking chair, he gradually grew out of being rocked to sleep then since he turned two DS has stories and warm milk in bed then a cuddle and kiss night night and he falls asleep quite nicely. I think we're pretty lucky in that regard though.

He's always woken up early but unless he's actually sad we don't go through to him until 6am which works for us. I'm bfing newborn now so DH gets up with both the kids and I have a lie in while he gives DS breakfast. I then get up ready for DH to go to work. Before I was on mat leave we all got up together, one walked the dog and the other of us did breakfast and packed lunches and we all left the house around the same time.

Transitions are always a little tricky that's why I'd keep your routine familiar but maybe change to your DS's room. They do grow out of cuddles as they get wrigglier so make the most of it while you can!

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