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Three year old and sleep... HELP ME!

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sophied1983 Mon 11-Nov-19 17:09:10

Our daughter turned three in September. On the whole she sleeps well. However, the last week has been a particular nightmare. Some of the below has been gradual which has finally caught up with us.

She used to self settle, but now cries if we leave her room before she's asleep, and not the sort of crying that will stop eventually, so now we find ourselves reading her to sleep.

We used to have more nights where she slept through, than when she didn't. Used to like being woken up by her of a morning, standing by my bed with a grin on her face.

For the last week - she's woken every night crying. Last night it was 11:30pm, I had barely been asleep on an hour. I've felt under the weather for almost a week and had a Board meeting at work today - a majority of which was led by me, so had to be on form. I ended up putting her in our bed and sleeping on the sofa, which isn't sustainable.

I know a regression at that age is common... but what can I do to soften the blow?

She loves Monsters Inc. at the mo and am now worried that's giving her bad dreams.

Should we leave a light on or stick to pitch black?

How do I wean her off wanting us to be there whilst she falls asleep. Used to be firm about reading three books and then leaving her... now it can be 5-6 if she doesn't seem sleepy.

It's making me ratty and unfocused at work which really can't continue. Often bringing her in our bed seems quickest fix - but it's rubbish sleep for all of us and don't want that every single night.

Any advice?????

Acunningruse Sun 24-Nov-19 20:28:32

Bumping for you as our 3 yo sleep is horrendous- looking for advice

crazychemist Fri 29-Nov-19 17:25:32

Oh you poor thing. No advice I’m afraid, my DD is now a pretty decent sleeper. Nightmares are really common at this age. Can you talk to her about what nightmares are? I know you won’t necessarily get a good conversation with her, but I tell mine about “scary pictures” and talk about how they can’t harm you and why she is safe at home with mummy and daddy etc.

joCmummy Fri 29-Nov-19 17:34:56

Ok, I can only tell you what helped with my DD, it may or may not work for others.
1. Stories. I taped myself and OH reading and of they were really unsettled I could pop one on to help her or her sister settle back down.
2 at tuck in time I always remind her that her favourite stuffy is with her ( it's a dog) I always say he'll keep her safe and regularly make up funny stories about what's he's been up too so she goes to sleep thinking about her cheeky dog.
3. I bought her a dreamstone. This is Adventurine (amathyst mixed with citrine). It is supposed to bring peaceful sleep (a little like a dreamcatcher). I explained what it was and what it did and out her magic stone in the drawer under her cot bed directly under her pillow.

I'm not saying she never wakes up but it's rare. Also I was once told nightmares can be brought on by needing a wee, especially around potty training time. Whenever DD has a nightmare I always take her to the bathroom. Hope some of this helps and you get sleep back soon. There's nothing worse than sleep deprivation!

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