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Best thing for newborn to sleep in

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SamT210 Mon 11-Nov-19 12:05:08


Please bear with me, first baby and all! Can anyone recommend the best sleeping aid for a newborn when downstairs at home. I figure most of my time whilst on leave will be spent downstairs and I've read that leaving babies in bouncers/sleepyheads/prams are not recommended. Is a Moses basket the way to go in this scenario? Or is there anything else on the market to suit this. We have a next to me for night time and obviously a cot in baby's room for when he's bigger. Thanks ladies.

Froggledoggleoggle Mon 11-Nov-19 12:10:02

I had the moses basket upstairs and the cot attachment for the pushchair in the livingroom.

BadgertheBodger Mon 11-Nov-19 12:13:33

We had Moses basket downstairs and a cot upstairs. The Lullaby Trust don’t recommend sleepyheads/nests for safe sleep, so it’s not something I would personally go for but lots of people do use them. The main thing is that baby is lying flat on a firm-ish surface, no loose covers, no cuddly toys, no cot bumper etc.

PrayingandHoping Mon 11-Nov-19 12:15:31

We either have the Moses basket downstairs or she sleeps in her Tinylove 3 in 1 bouncer which lays completely flat.

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Mon 11-Nov-19 12:15:33

We had a Moses Basket for dc1 and a Tiny Love 3in1 Napper for dc2. I wish I'd got the Napper for dc1 it was brilliant!

PrayingandHoping Mon 11-Nov-19 12:16:34

@BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz the Tinylove is amazing! I love it

ohmysoul Mon 11-Nov-19 12:43:51

We had a baby box downstairs. With our hospital we had to do an online course (took about an hour) and then they sent it to you for free. It was absolutely brilliant and when DD grew out of it we used it as a toy box.

Iknowacrackingowlsanctuary Mon 11-Nov-19 12:56:46

Agree with those recommending the 3 in 1 napper rocker - I loved it and wished I’d got one for DS1. It meant that I could get DS2 to sleep and not have to transfer him.
Also meant I could bounce him to sleep with my foot while enjoying a cup of tea grin

Spam88 Mon 11-Nov-19 13:08:42

We used a travel cot downstairs - seemed a better use of money than a Moses basket that would only be used for a short time. That said, both can be bought pretty cheaply.

MangoM Mon 11-Nov-19 13:22:11

We initially started with a Moses basket upstairs and a baby box downstairs.

In reality though we haven't used the baby box as much as we expected. We usually just put baby down on a rug and blanket to nap. Makes it easier when visiting friends/relatives as I know I can just take a blanket for napping there too.

justsotiredallthetime Mon 11-Nov-19 19:18:53

Sleepyhead on the sofa. My son hated his Moses basket. There is all this unwarranted thought around the sleepyhead being unsafe. It isn't, there is zero evidence of any SIDS!
The sleepyhead was our saviour!!

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