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What time bedtime for 5yr old

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Winterdaysarehere Mon 11-Nov-19 11:11:23

Ds 5 is in before 7 on an ideal night. Story and I am gone by 720. Wakes about 12 hours later!!

ballyboy Mon 11-Nov-19 11:09:17


Had a frustrated post up about Ds5 yesterday and his bedtime battles.

Trying to establish a bit more of a routine with him. Woke him at 7:30 this morning to see would he be any more tired this evening.

He has got into habit of going to bed at 9pm which then delays older boys bedtime and he is tired/cranky during day.

Going to try have no electronics and plenty of fresh air today.

Just want to know what time is reasonable for a 5 yr old?

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