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11 month old , won’t sleep in cot

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FranCess003 Mon 11-Nov-19 09:16:42

I’m having real trouble with my 11 month old and sleep.

Previously good sleeper as a baby. Slept all night in cot and would be put down.

This all started around 9 months when he started crawling. He would sit up half asleep in his cot cry, and I would go In lay him down and he’d go back to sleep.

Then we went on holiday, he was ill , and we have teething .... and it’s now created a massive issue with sleep that nursery struggle with too.

He won’t nap in his cot, you can get him to sleep in arms , as soon as put him over the cot he wakes screaming.
He will go down at bedtime , cry for 10 mins then go to sleep. But he wakes in the night screaming ! And I’ve tried the lay down walk out and just makes it worse .
I’ve tried some controlled crying but it went on and on for 2 hours , without him giving In and I just feel emotionally it’s not good for him or me.
He just wants to come in our bed with us, or sleep in our arms.
We’ve never been into the co sleeping so I don’t understand why it’s started now.

I’m completely at the end of my tether with it and have no idea what to do anymore.
Some friends say he’ll grow out of it just keep putting him In your bed, some say leave him to cry but is 1-2 hours not too long ? And we just end up putting him in our bed anyway.

Nursery are finding it impossible to get him to nap there again because of the cot situation. He’s not attached to any toys/snuggys which we’ve tried over and over.

Help please!

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