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9 month old sleep and weaning issues

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justsotiredallthetime Mon 11-Nov-19 06:49:09

Up until 3 weeks ago my 9 month LO was eating Ella's Kitchen 7m pouches for lunch with some fruit then all of a sudden stopped. He doesn't entertain them at all now. He's now waking multiple times at night for a bottle, and he's genuinely hungry as I can hear his stomach rumbling. I'm trying BLW but I hate it because you don't actually know how much he's eating.

In this time period he has cut all 4 top teeth and had a cold, so it's been a bit rough for him.

However I am shattered, also had a cold and I just feel so low all the time. Cry most days as it feels so hard and I can't see any positives.

I guess I'm asking if the food and sleep are related to his teeth? If so, will it pass? And what can I do in the meantime to get 'proper food' in him.

I'm so desperate for sleep sad

user1480880826 Mon 11-Nov-19 06:54:01

Yes, all related to teething (and having a cold) and will definitely pass.

Also, remember that until they are 12 months (and sometimes older) food is just for fun and most calories should come from milk. They are meant to be exploring tastes and textures and learning how to chew and swallow. Weaning is not about filling them stomachs.

With BLW you don’t need to know how much they have eaten. It’s just an opportunity to let them learn how to eat. Just try giving bits of whatever you’re eating at each meal and try not to think about how much they’re eating as it really doesn’t matter.

justsotiredallthetime Mon 11-Nov-19 08:52:45

@user1480880826 - Thank you so much for your reply. This is my first baby and I'm just starting to feel so overwhelmed (Perhaps a little delayed). It all felt so positive when he was gobbling down delicious home made and pouch purées, I thought ooh winner! And his sleep had massively improved....albeit waking early confused

I think I'm feeling low because I was really ill as was my partner and baby all at the same time, feeling worn out and the weathers been so shit!

user1480880826 Mon 11-Nov-19 11:51:47

Exactly the same happened to me. My son seemed to be eating loads at 6 months then massively cut down and just wanted to breastfeed all the time. It was a combination of teething, colds and general unpredictability of babies. He didn’t really eat what most people would consider “meals” until he started nursery at 13 months and had to breastfeed less and started copying what the other kids were doing.

If you can remind yourself that everything is just a phase then it can feel a bit easier when things suddenly change. That applies to good things and bad things.

Being a parent to a baby is incredibly hard work but it does get easier.

Celebelly Mon 11-Nov-19 12:46:11

Does he have finger food? He might be more interested in actual food he can hold and play with by now. Pouches are good for getting started but I think a lot of babies want to start feeding themselves and exploring different textures/shapes/colours by now. Stuff like cucumber sticks might help his sore teeth too .

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