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5yr old bedtime battles

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ballyboy Sun 10-Nov-19 21:23:31

My 5 yr old son has always been a 'good sleeper in that once he fell asleep, he would sleep for the night.

When he gave up his soother (age 3)I stupidly started rubbing his and singing to him until he fell asleep. This was fine as only took 5 mins at the time.

Now he is 5 and it is taking longer and longer. Tonight was particularly bad and I've been 2 hours. I've now just told him I'm done and he's screaming!! I've told him I will leave him a. Surprise under pillow if he goes aslee which he isn't having a bar of!

I've two others and my DP is on night duty, went downstairs to others and they have made a mess down there!!!argh !!

Worrywart21 Sun 10-Nov-19 21:27:05


It’ll take some time but you need to commit to stopping then calmly explain to him that you will be stopping but that instead he can read a book for 10 minutes before bed.

It’ll take about a week of tears and pleading but stay strong and stick to the “you’re a big boy and I want you to read your book then lie in bed and fall asleep. I need to do housework/shower/cook etc so I can’t scratch your back anymore”.

ballyboy Sun 10-Nov-19 21:31:11

The older messing boys has worked in my favor as I freaked at them, made them go to bed early, gave 5yr old two more songs and rubs and he's asleep now and they are all in bed!

Yes I have to just knuckle down. He says he is scared and I hate leaving him there and of course once he's asleep I think 'poor little fella, he's my last little baby'

I'm on night duty now for next 7nights so DP will have to stay strong..thanks x

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