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so bloody exhausted - help!

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starfishcoffee Sun 10-Nov-19 19:45:18

DS is nearly 18 months. He was never a great sleeper but following some gentle sleep training when he was 13 months, his sleep and routine have been excellent. 2 weeks ago he had croup quite badly, it was awful and he ended up sleeping in our bed again (we co-slept before sleep training) for a few nights. This seemed to mess everything up, although we did have a few good nights after he recovered so I'm unsure. He is absolutely fine to go into his cot to sleep at bedtime (7), but he wakes a lot (used to sleep through) and screams blue murder if I don't get him out and cuddle him - and then he will wake as soon as he is placed back in his cot.

It has been days of this now and I'm exhausted! Last night he woke up NINE times, I counted. I caved in and let him sleep in our bed in the end. Sometimes it is every 20 minutes, and even if I let him in our bed he still wakes numerous times throughout the night. What can I do? I can hardly string a sentence together sometimes, it doesn't help that I work evenings (part-time), so an early night isn't an option! sad

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