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MrsOakes99 Sun 10-Nov-19 03:21:52

Now I don't want to scare anyone but I just went through a terrifying experience and I don't want anyone to do the same and lose their baby.

So I was sat watching the TV with my 7 week LO in my arm, (i'm not sleepy or tired) I'll try and attach a picture of her position. Shes been lay there sleeping after her feed for about an hour and a half, i was deep into what i was watching and though I'm usually so attentive I was just so relaxed. I don't know what it was, maybe instinct or maybe just peripheral vision - but I looked down at her and she was SILENTLY choking! It was incredibly silent, she didn't make a noise until I lifted her up and began to panic. She was a tiny bit paler than usual but wasn't blue or red. This is why I want people to read what happened and try and learn from it:

1) I was WIDE AWAKE!
2) She was 30 cm from my face/eyes!
3) She was choking whilst COMPLETELY silent!

So all I can think is if I was awake, alert and checking her occasionally and this happened. Please, please never fall asleep with your baby in your arm whilst you're on the sofa. I may be wrong, i may have been posset shed eventually throw up. But I work with babies, I've witnessed choking and I have seen my babies panicked eyes when shes choked whilst in NICU. It was the same look.

Please, NEVER do it, put her/him down. Its not worth it. Even whilst I'm awake I will now always place her on my chest or in her bassinet next to me where she is stretched out.

Rosehip345 Sun 10-Nov-19 03:24:42

This happened to us...absolutely terrifying. Went out and bought a sensor pad the next day!

FridalovesDiego Sun 10-Nov-19 03:31:43

I am not sure I know what you are saying. You were holding her in your arms like you would if were feeding her?

MrsOakes99 Fri 22-Nov-19 13:18:54

I fed her, burped her and put her back down in the feeding position but she fell asleep. So I let her lay there sleeping and that's when it happened.

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