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How to get 3 year old go to sleep by herself

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Selfsettlingat3 Sun 10-Nov-19 10:41:10

Thanks. Daddy has mostly done her bedtime as baby has allergies/reflux medical conditions and last time I did bedtime with both of them the baby projectile vomited all over the 3 year old, me and the bed just as we started stories. We did have a brief period after the baby was born of leaving DD by herself to go to sleep as she was so wired that she wouldn’t go to sleep being cuddled but then she needed to go back to being cuddled.

Last night was the first time of going to sleep by herself after stories and she was fine.

horse4course Sat 09-Nov-19 21:38:49

What happened in the time when the baby was born? She's old enough that I'd explain you can't cuddle her to sleep any more, but you'll give her a big cuddle before bed instead.

Then maybe a cuddly toy or hot water bottle?

Selfsettlingat3 Fri 08-Nov-19 15:53:13

I have a 3.5 year old and apart time from a time when baby was born 4 months ago she has always been cuddled to sleep. At the moment DH does her bedtime while I deal with ebf baby. DH is going away for a week at the start of December and it would be really helpful if older DD does bath, story and then sleep by herself.

Does anyone have any tips please?

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