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Has anybody successfully sleep trained their two year old?

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fairybeagle Wed 06-Nov-19 08:58:41

Any tips or advice please, please! Cannot handle the constant wakings anymore and die another baby soon.
Please tell me how long it took?

Kyriesmum1 Wed 06-Nov-19 09:05:39

Hiya, I foster and have to sleep train children of various ages!! It takes around two weeks. You have to be committed to doing this and it is very hard until it works! Do you know how the sleep training works?

unlimiteddilutingjuice Wed 06-Nov-19 09:15:43

I sleep trained at about that age.
LO was breastfeeding and co sleeping and waking numerous times to feed. I started by dropping the night feeds.
I would cross my arms firmly across my chest and say "Not now, its sleepy time".
Once LO was sleeping through (or at least waking briefly and settling without boob) we made a big fuss of getting her a bedroom of her own. Special trip to Ikea to choose the bed, bed linen of her choice etc..
Then we put her in her own room, behind a baby gate. At first I used to breast feed and cuddle to sleep. But we wouldn't open the baby gate once it was shut. The most we would do is go and check she was OK and tell her "No, your not coming out. Its time to sleep"
As Kyriesmum1 says, it takes about 2 weeks. There was some tears and some anger. But she got the idea in the end.
Both my kids (now 7 and 4) sleep really well now. They go down without a fuss and stay down until morning.

fairybeagle Fri 08-Nov-19 08:58:03

Thanks for the replies. I haven't started yet as it's just been his birthday but plan to start soon.
I don't really know how to go about it..?
He's still in a cot which works fine as he doesn't try to get out, but he wakes multiple times in the night. I used to breastfeed/co sleep but he's been completely weaned for months now and night weaned for about 6 months so he doesn't even think about it anymore. When he wakes he usually wants to come out of the cot for a cuddle, if we're lucky he goes straight back to sleep which is fine, but often he goes into this very light sleep where if you stop rubbing his back or sitting in the chair in his room he wakes immediately 😫
I know it's going to be so tough I'm worried I won't manage but we just all need to sleep so much!
I also wonder about naps. He has a long day one, about 2 hours..
Sorry wrote an essay!

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