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OuiOui Wed 28-Aug-02 14:23:35

My baby's now 10 months old and has been sleeping "through" for about 4 months. She goes to bed around 9pm and gets up around 8ish. She goes to sleep with a dummy and her doudou and is quite happy sleeping and dropping her dummy most of the time. However, maybe once or twice during the night she gets really upset and doesn't calm down until I go to see her, she'll be sitting up and crying and mainly with her eyes shut. Is she having nightmares? What can I do to get a full night? I now leave about 5 dummies placed around the cot so that she can reach out for one, but she doesn't always find them.

emilys Wed 28-Aug-02 15:24:41

oui oui - there is a thread called 'can babies have nightmares' under 'other subjects' with similar stories to yours which may be of help. I'm afraid i have no experience of it ymself so can't help. Good luck

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