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Why he cry?!? <in the voice of Manuel>

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FlameBatfink Sat 11-Aug-07 22:59:18

Mr Fawlty, Mr Fawlty - why he cry???

My little dude - a lovely sleeper.

Ok, so he took until about 12 months to sleep through, but that was due to waking up and finding a nice soggy nork to attach too

Now 17 months, been sleeping lovely - goes down with a bottle about 7.30pm, sleeps through til morning.

Or he did.

This last week/10 days have been hell. He cries. He sleeps for an hour, then he cries a bit more.

We have tried: calpol, fresh nappies, bottles, food, less hot, more hot.... the only thing he wants is me holding him. Not daddy... no,no,no,no,no - must arch back and scream like we are being tortured if Daddy holds us.

As lovely as it is to be wanted and loved - I need to sleep in my bed without a small child trying to crawl under my skin. I need to be able to have a few hours to myself in the evening.

I don't know what's wrong. He's had the odd temp every so often (not today). He seems ok - just soooo clingy.


This sort of time last week I thought it was concussion... twasn't so am back for help

FlameBatfink Sat 11-Aug-07 23:28:01

He's now bashing my laptop - pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease help.

JeremyVile Sat 11-Aug-07 23:30:30

Having similar with DS at mo.
<whispers> Medised?

FlameBatfink Sat 11-Aug-07 23:32:21

Believe me - if I had some in the house, or some money to buy some, he would be dosed up to the eyeballs.

Wonder if we've got any piriton... <goes to rummage in cupboard> Whiskey is still wrong, no?

JeremyVile Sat 11-Aug-07 23:33:38

Lol - step away from the drinks cabinet sweetie....

On the other hand maybe you could do with a wee dram for you!

JeremyVile Sat 11-Aug-07 23:34:34

How about a nice warm bath for him - do they tend to make him drowsy?

FlameBatfink Sat 11-Aug-07 23:41:32

Believe me - I'm on the wine!

he legged it as I went to look for piriton... found him in the bedroom about to whack his sister with sticks

Took it as a sign that he wanted to be in there, so chucked him back in the cot with his bottle.

He is currently quiet, so I might get a few hours peace before he ends up in with us

Can't I just rub some magic thing on his gums and make all the teeth pop through (although he doesn't seem teething... he does only have 7 n a bit though, so it would make sense!!)

FlameBatfink Sat 11-Aug-07 23:42:02

Baths have the same effect on both my children - giggle, shriek and then spin dry

JeremyVile Sat 11-Aug-07 23:43:38

Ah, bless you.

Its tough, like i keep telling myself....

"its a phase, it WILL pass" (repeat ad infinitum)

FlameBatfink Sat 11-Aug-07 23:45:53

Is that what you mutter as you rock in the corner with someone patting your head?

JeremyVile Sat 11-Aug-07 23:48:21

Well, its what i'm thinking - cant actually say anything cos you know the bloody foam gets in the way......

FlameBatfink Sat 11-Aug-07 23:50:54

for god's sake woman - I just choked on my wine!!!

JeremyVile Sat 11-Aug-07 23:52:18

FlameBatfink Sun 12-Aug-07 12:44:24

Bad mummy alert... it is entirely possible that last night's screaming may have been down to sun - and DS may have sunburnt shoulders today

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