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Can you help with my dilema?

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littlemissmischief Sat 11-Aug-07 22:23:51

My 9month ds wriggles like mad when asleep so we put him to bed in a sleep bag, which works great. The problem is we have 2 types a really thin one for summer and a cuddly thick one for cold. He is generally quite a warm baby but I find that if I put him in the thin one he is fine at night but wakes early cos he is cold but if I put him in the thick one he is sweating within an hour of going to sleep but is nice and warm in the morning
Any advice?

Trinityrhino Sat 11-Aug-07 22:25:41

what does he wear in it??
could you put the thin one on but with more on underneath IYSWIM
I am having a temp issue with gecko at the mo, dont have a sleeping bag but cant seem to pout the right amount of clothes on her to compensate for kicking off of covers or not

CrookshanksinJimmyChoos Sat 11-Aug-07 22:25:42

What do you dress him in under the grobag? Perhaps you could change to a long sleeved vest under babygro and keep the thin grobag?

flashfinn Sat 11-Aug-07 22:28:03

I have this dliema too - too hot for sleeping bag but is getting legs stuck in bars without it! WOuld say thicker bag and just a vest.

littlemissmischief Sat 11-Aug-07 22:33:06

In the winter he had a vst, and baby gro (with feet) and thick bag.
Now he has just baby gro with feet and bag, so maybe vest and thick bag is the way to go but then he will have bare arms?
Its so difficult!

flashfinn Sat 11-Aug-07 22:35:07

Bare arms are okay when its hot out.

CrookshanksinJimmyChoos Sun 12-Aug-07 20:12:17

Y not get a long sleeved vest - that way, his legs are bare underneath the gro bag but his arms are covered, but only with one layer. I've done this for DS before as I can't bear him having bare arms either! Its not like they can tuck a blanket around them if arms get cold like we can!

littlemissmischief Sun 12-Aug-07 21:17:06

Never thought of that but sounds like the way to go, thanks for the help

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