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From crib/cot to bed - when is best?

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SittingBull Fri 10-Aug-07 07:38:08

Message withdrawn

SittingBull Fri 10-Aug-07 12:26:58

Message withdrawn

wheelsonthebus Fri 10-Aug-07 12:31:12

aspace do a lovely bed - midway between a cot and a proper bed. we got one for dd and its lower to the floor with 'edges' to stop them falling out and is lovely. takes them up to about 5. can't do links (agh) but aspace is at and the bed is 'first bed'

crokky Fri 10-Aug-07 12:31:21

Bump - I want to know the answer as well - have a very tall climber a bit younger than your DD

witchandchips Fri 10-Aug-07 12:36:09

If you have a climber with a strong personality you will at some point have to fight the battle of making them stay in a bed that they can get out of. The transition to a bed may help you win this fight as you are giving her trust and making the whole thing an event. Also if you think about it now you will avoid the situation we had where the move was forced upon us (ds could climb out, cot not strong enough for such antics!) at time when terrible twos were at their worst AND he stopped sleeping in the day. Convining an overtired and fractious toddler not to get out of bed is close to impossible

SittingBull Fri 10-Aug-07 14:07:50

Message withdrawn

Biglips Fri 10-Aug-07 14:11:42

my dd was a climber too....she was climbing out of her cotbed now and again till got to the point where she was climbing out of it everytime. i took the side off and aahhh she loves it. (i rather take the side off then letting her getting hurt).

So yes get a bed.

Biglips Fri 10-Aug-07 14:13:41

my Niece's mum got her a bed when she turned 2 and got a Ikea bed that extends

Biglips Fri 10-Aug-07 14:14:58


SittingBull Fri 10-Aug-07 20:26:53

Message withdrawn

Biglips Fri 10-Aug-07 21:14:46

no sittingbull...she is about the right age to go in the bed x

Difers Sat 11-Aug-07 21:50:33

I have just took the cot down as DS 18 months can climb out of it despite wearing a sleeping bag for his own safety. I have put the cot mattress on the floor. Sometimes I find him on the carpet as he is a sleep roller so until he stays on the mattress pad I will not use a bed.

ThomasTankEngine Sat 11-Aug-07 22:15:19

We may be cruel but we put a safety pin in DSs grobag zip so he couldn't undo it and climb out of the cot.
Put the pin on the inside.

babyboo1and2 Sat 11-Aug-07 22:28:42

my dd is also 21 months and we put her into a bad on thursday night as i walked into her room that morning to find her standing ON TOP of the edge of her cot trying to wake up her big brother who was asleep in a top bunk

she came with me to a shop recently and liked a particular bed cover (she is a real princess fan) so i bought it and then on thursday i put the cover on her new bed (bottom bunk of brothers bed - we want them to share for a while to keep each other company)and we played on it and read books on it for a while and i kept saying "no cot - dd name sleep in bed" which she kept repeating

i kept the cot up the first night incase it all went wrong but she was fine so friday i dismantled it and advertised it on freecycle

i must say i prefer getting the transition to bed over with - my ds was in a bed at 13 months

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