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1.13am and just setlled dd to sleep !

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linniewith2 Wed 22-Sep-04 01:20:10

The time is now 1.13am and myy dd1 aged 25mnths has just gone to sleep. She has one nap in the day but lately it has been dificult to settle her for that too and that is becoming later and later in the day! used to be anytime from 11am - 1pm for approx 1.5hrs tonight she collapsed on the floor at 5pm !
I also have a 10 wk old who is luckily sleeping 7 hrs per night but cluster feeds in the evening up to 11pm before she settles so my bedtime routine for dd1 has gone to pot and has to fit in around dd2's feeds.

Help and advice needed.........aaaaaaarrrrrrrggghh
btw my dp works till midnight so I have no help in the evenings!

woodstock Wed 22-Sep-04 02:00:46

I am still struggling with the whole sleep thing so I can offer lots of sympathy! However, the only advice I have is to take a look at Elizabeth Pantley's "No-Cry Sleep Solution". I found several things in it to be quite helpful. At least ds is now doing a pretty good regular nap and only getting up once at night compared to a nightmare nap schedule and 5 wakings per night...

KateandtheGirls Wed 22-Sep-04 02:31:47

I feel for you.

What do you think would have happened if you had treated her 5pm falling asleep at bedtime? Would she have slept through the night?

I do anything within my power to ensure that my 29 month old doesn't fall asleep that late in the day - it's either early afternoon or no nap at all (which happens more often).

And when she did fall asleep at 5pm, how long did you let her sleep? If mine fell asleep that late I would either put her to bed for the night if I knew she was very tired (and expect an early wake up call in the morning), or wake her up after no more than 30 minutes.

yingers74 Wed 22-Sep-04 08:15:53

hello linnie,

also really feel for you, have been doing cc on my 18 month dd after 2 weeks of no sleep - u can read the pick up put down thread to read about my trauma!!!
Have you tried moving her daytime nap to a later time. say after her lunch, so 1-2.30? This should mean that she will stay awake until bedtime. And then hopefully be glad to be in bed.

I really hope it resolves itself, as a mum doing cc I wish it on nobody!

linniewith2 Wed 22-Sep-04 12:53:00

Well I have managed to get her to have her nap now so fingers crossed will go to bed at a reasonable time tonight.
Kate & Yingers the other evening she managed to keep going until 7pm without a nap and I thought horray she will now sleep wrong I was she woke again at 8.30pm after the usual naptime with batteries recharged.......I think that was midnight before she finaly went back to sleep!
I desparately need to get back in to a good bedtime routine but I'm finding this hard with dd2's feeds that are approx 1.5 to 2 hrs apart as she bulks up on milk ready for her 7 hrs sleep. Dd2 also sleeps most of the day but is awake in the evening just at the time I want to bath/milk/story/bed dd1.
Luckily once dd1 does settle she doesnt wake so I am getting a deacent nights sleep of about 6hrs.
I just need to get the nighttime sorted

yingers74 Wed 22-Sep-04 21:34:57

i hope tonight has been better for u. my dd cried on and off until 9 tonight, very unusual for her, i think she was not helped by me going in and picking her up! So much for sticking to cc rules! she slept through last night so took my foot off the pedal, will get tough again! It is so hard when you are used to a baby that sleeps well to do this whole sleep thing again. i guess it is practise for the next one, if I can get round to making it!

linniewith2 Thu 23-Sep-04 00:28:49

9.15pm tonight yipppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!

I am still up as have just done dd2's last feed of the night.
I pity you & cc I tried that once when trying to keep her in a bed and it is so painful to hear them cry........she would throw a temper and headbut the walls/headboard etc so I gave in in the end as I was scared she's end up with 2 black eyes and I'd get reported to the social or something! This was during my pregnancy with dd2 so i had her cosleeping purely so I could get some sleep(inbetween running to the loo 10 times a night)
I know I have made a rod for my own back by teaching her that she needs me to fall asleap and believe me its not a mistake I'm making with no 2 who at 10 wks falls asleap on her own and is already sleeping for 7hrs!
Good luck with the cc and I hope you get some great results soon and some quality sleep!

shereen1 Fri 15-Apr-05 14:21:12

hello, i am a single mother with a 19 month old breastfeeder!! its a bit of a relief to know that im not alone on sleeping matters.i've tried everything she doesnt sleep till friends children sleep around 7 or 8pm i dont know what im doin wrong or if thats just the way it is.yesterday i woke her up at 8am so that she would have an early nap so therefore early bed time.had a nap at 1230pm till 2pm fine. as i planned she went to bed at 8am perfect.i wish it could have stayed like that woke up at 1030pm and didnt sleep till 2am. i really hav tried everything.she sleeps in her own room for the start of the nite then after two feeds i just bring her into my own room to make the nite please!!!

burstingbug Fri 15-Apr-05 14:29:45

Hi Shereen,
I've read on another thread that this is a great book which might solve your problems.
Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems by R. Ferber
They sell tis book on amazon, I've ordered a copy for myself today

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