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Adult pillow in cot??

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joesmama Tue 07-Aug-07 19:31:35

My lo is 14 months and for the last few months has slept with an adult pillow in his cot. I put this in at 11 months as he'd always slept really badly and my dh was convinced it was because the cot was too "clinical" and he didn't feel snuggly. He's since slept much better but someone has told me today that they shouldn't have adult pillows but a cot one instead which is apparently smaller. The adult one fits perfectly across the cot so I'm not sure how this would be a problem. Also he likes to have it about 20cm down from the top of the cot and tends to end up with it under his tummy and his head on the bit of mattress at the top of the cot. Am now worried that this might be unsafe but can't see how? Any opinions would be appreciated.

Seona1973 Tue 07-Aug-07 19:57:58

I also just used a normal flattish adult pillow in ds's cot. If it fits and your lo sleeps well with it then I dont see a problem. Ignore the 'helpful' advice as you dont need a special pillow if you have one that does the job just as well.

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