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Boob snooze day and night

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Amelino19 Sat 24-Aug-19 19:46:29

My dd is 3 months. When she was born we were fighting with colic and only recently I can say it’s gone. Since then she started to nap more regularly. She had two or three 45min and one 2h nap during the day and was sleeping from 7pm to 6-7am during the night. I know it sound brilliant the only issue is that she sleeps and nurse at the same time. I’ve started feeding her lying down when she had a colic because I was exhausted and she was swallowing to much air but now I’ve been told by the hv that I can’t feed her lying down because she thinks my dd is not capable of feeding when I’m sitting ( I can feed her when I’m sitting or even standing although she is not a big fan of thatsmile). So now my baby is sleep deprived because she is now to heavy to sleep on my arm and is constantly waking up when I put her down. I’m lost. Is the boob snooze really bad? I was going to try different way once she is 4 months but now I just want to regenerate. The worst thing is that my dp blindly believe in everything what hv says. He only sees dd twice a week because he works long hours and it is me taking care of her all the time but still my mother instincts is not important. If the boob snooze is bad have you got any advice on how to stop it and not go crazy.

TapDanceJazzHands Mon 26-Aug-19 14:09:37

I’m now closely monitored and have to go to this bf group.

You almost certainly do not have to go. It sounds like it's going to be worse for your mental health than staying at home.

I urge you to continue doing what your instincts tell you to! It sounds like you're doing a brilliant job!

I'd also recommend joining the Gentle Parenting Facebook group. It's full of parents doing things a similar way to you. I've found it really supportive as my baby has grown too.

Russell19 Mon 26-Aug-19 17:50:13

I think you need to just smile and nod at the health visitor. You've obviously been very open with her but she's used that against you. What do you do to feed your baby when you are out then?

Hope today went ok??

Amelino19 Mon 26-Aug-19 18:17:19

I don’t get my hv. So basically I’ve said that I don’t have an issue feeding her while sitting and I can feed her even when I’m standing and her respond was ‘that is an amazing improvement’. But she also said that it is fine feeding her lying down and it is fine that I co-sleep with her as I have to do what is best for us. She also said that if I could only go to breastfeeding group for 10min so my dd won’t be too upset and build from that to get her use to that would be great but if I won’t go it will be fine. I feel like I had completely different hv today. But she also said that she will pop in to the group tomorrow to see how it goes and phone me on Friday so somehow I’m still on the leash.
I always feed my dd before we go out and was never for so long that she would need to be fed. Because she is quite a ‘scream queen’ we only managed to go out for an hour the most at one go. Once she will get better I’ll need to think how to feed her in public.

Cobblersandhogwash Mon 26-Aug-19 18:22:47

Your HV sounds difficult.

She's now giving you a different opinion.

Why is she checking up on you so tightly?

Why does she think you have to attend this group?

You don't. She doesn't get to dictate to you where you and your baby go and when.

Cobblersandhogwash Mon 26-Aug-19 18:24:21

Sorry. Just reread your post.

So now she doesn't mind if you don't attend the group?

Have you thought about taking this further with her superior?

Russell19 Mon 26-Aug-19 18:46:36

I honestly wouldn't go if I was you.

But in a nice way (without sounding like your HV) you really do need to find a way to feed her when you are out. What about expressing?

Oct18mummy Mon 26-Aug-19 18:51:00

I’ve had a bonkers health visitor who told me I was over feeding my ebf baby. With my second baby I knew I would not stand for their nonsense and luckily this time haven’t run into any condescending bullies.

I would for her managers details and ask the manager if this is the advice she would give you - I guarantee it is not.

FYI- my baby hates his car seat and his pram and I breast feed lying down.

This cannot be helping with your anxiety and they should not be forcing these stupid opinions on you.

Oct18mummy Mon 26-Aug-19 18:51:22


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