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Early morning MNers - pop in to say hello with your very strong coffee

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popsycal Sat 04-Aug-07 06:19:02


jaynehater Sat 04-Aug-07 06:29:12

<bleary eyebrow lift through curtain of bed-hair>

Issit?[would be a smile emoticon but can't raise the energy]

jaynehater Sat 04-Aug-07 06:29:46



Smithy Sat 04-Aug-07 06:41:50

Morning <yawns loudly>.......ds1 is awake and I promised him we could go camping in the back garden today (why did I do that?!)......he's already asking when I'm putting the tent up!

Eve Sat 04-Aug-07 06:42:57

I have been working all night.. (we have testing going on)...I am shattered...another few hours to go. Would so love a proper coffee, instead of machine yuk!

Luckily my boys are in Italy with my husband for the summer, so I can go home and sleep in peace!

I am not seeing my boys for 2 weeks, they are 8 & 5 and I feel so bad about it!!

They are spending the whole summer at our house in Italy, with all their Itailian relatives. My husabnd can work from home for 6 weeks over the summer, home is Italy.

They have even made some little friends in the village, and trying really hard to speak in Italian. They have so much more freedom to run around the village than here.

...but I still feel like a bad mother!

israel Sat 04-Aug-07 06:54:44

Good afternoon all you morning folk...Its afternoon Oz

popsycal Sat 04-Aug-07 06:55:43

They will behaving the time of their lives, Eve. But I understand how you must be feeling!

TranquilaManana Sat 04-Aug-07 08:07:58

aw Eve - your kids sound v lucky indeed. Italy and you

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