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Very tired please help - dd 13 mths started waking in the night & very early in the morning!!

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becksmummy Thu 02-Aug-07 09:11:27

My dd is 13 mths and although she falls asleep on my knee and is put into her cot asleep she was then a very good sleeper and usually slept for about 11/12 hours, going to bed around 7/7.30pm.

But for the last few nights she has been waking crying during the night and wont be settled in her cot, I have to sit in her room and get her to sleep laying on me then try to put her back in the cot asleep (but she quite often wakes again at this stage and I have to start over!) I was up for 2 hours with her last night and then she is up to start the day between 5-6am!!

I dont understand what has started this waking in the night and the earlier mornings so any suggestions/advice very much appreciated.

sunshine185 Thu 02-Aug-07 12:00:37

hi, have you tried crying out? the more you go to your dd the more she expects it and it becomes a never ending situation! does she also have a dummy? she could be teething or having a bad dream! i would suggest not going to her right away when she cries, i mean check on her with the night light on but unless she's in pain, hot, sick etc... try to leave her and in time she will learn to get herself back to sleep... it's really tough but works for us!

JolieGirl Thu 02-Aug-07 12:10:57

I think you probably know the answer - you have to stop her only being able to fall asleep lying on you. She has to be able to fall asleep independently otherwise what you have outlined will only continue. It is very normal for children to wake up in the night, if they are teething, soil a nappy, knock their heads on cot sides as they turn over and so on, but she has now obviously got so used to you being there to get her back to sleep that she will not even attempt it on her own. And why should she when it is all she knows? You have to break the cycle. Can you try putting her down when she is dozy but still awake at 7pm? What happens? And then like the other poster I fear you are going to have to be really, really tough and give controlled crying a go. You will have 1-2 weeks of torture but it will be worth it. Would also recommend black out blinds if you have not already got these.

becksmummy Thu 02-Aug-07 17:45:11

Thanks, I know you are right (yes she does also have a dummy) I just didnt want to have to go through it as I have tried putting her in her cot tired but awake and she just stands straight up and cries/screams until I pick her up!

She is also stood up in the cot when she wakes in the night which is hard to ignore as stood up she is very unlikely to fall back to sleep!

I dont know if I can do cc but I am going to have to give it a go and hope my willpower lasts longer than dd's as she is very strong willed!!!!!

becksmummy Thu 02-Aug-07 17:47:52

also yes I have got a blackout blind but it doesnt block all light out so may have to look at that too?

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