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So fed up....

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mummynumnum Mon 30-Jul-07 05:29:27

DD is 1. Now wopken up at 5am two days in a row and woke up three times last night. Never been that good at cc, but beginning to feel so miserable, please talk me through how to do cc for mid night wakings and early waking.

DirtyGertiefromnumber30 Mon 30-Jul-07 06:05:26

Hi mummunumnum,

there are various different controlled crying techniques. See below links for advice.

Are the night wakings etc recent, or has she always been a 'bad' sleeper? esn't-Work.aspx

mummynumnum Mon 30-Jul-07 06:23:58

She goes to bed really well at 6pm like clock work and can even put her down awake now, but having breast fed her, when she wakes in night she likes a drink to settle her. Used to be numnums, but now has cows milk. She does go back to bed quite quickly, but last night woke three times between 9 and 4 and then just wouldnt go back to sleep at 5.

Thanks for websites. Will Take a look at them later,

DirtyGertiefromnumber30 Mon 30-Jul-07 08:57:41

if its any consolation, both mine were early risers (5 - 5.30am)

ds grew out of it about 2.5 but dd (8 months)was up like clockwork this morning at 5.

If you can get the night wakings sorted you might just have to concede on the early mornings until she is a bit older. Im usually in bed by 9.30 to compensate!

mummynumnum Mon 30-Jul-07 14:17:55

Have to say after took her to nursery and went back to bed for two hours, dont feel quite so desperate and feeling happy that she goes to bed at 6.00pm. I agree I think the night wakings are more of the issue at this stage. Thanks for your advice.

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