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what has happened to DS's sleeping???? Its all gone a bit wrong.....

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chocbutton Thu 19-Jul-07 10:24:07

DS (7mths) used to go down at 6pm and sleep till about midnight, then up maybe once or twice for feeds (BF BTW). This was great
Now he is weaned it has all gone wrong! He goes down ok, but wakes up on the dot of 10pm crying. Only feeding gets him back off (I am sort of ok with this as he hasn't had as much milk in the day)
But, lately he has got worse at daytime naps and screams and screams, nearly making himself sick if you try to lie him down, and now he has started this in the night - 3.30am this morning! Tried DP settling him, tried me settling him and BF him, tried leaving a bit, but he is so sad I can't bear it - he obviously wants comfort However, are we making it worse? I thought sleep was meant to improve not get worse and I am back to work in a month, so dreading this continuing..... what can we do??

iwouldgoouttonight Thu 19-Jul-07 10:40:54

Could it be teeth coming through - I've heard that disrupts sleep (although my DS is 11 months and still no teeth so I don't know from experience!).

Do you go to him as soon as he wakes up? My DS occassionally wakes up with a scream/cry but it sometimes only lasts for a minute and then he settles himself again - and if we go in to him it makes him worse.

suezee Thu 19-Jul-07 10:44:29

yeah ds is probably teething, just give him some capol about 20 mins before u put him to bed and rub some bonjela on his gums, i would get the childrens strength because u can use this more frequent than u could the original 1

chocbutton Thu 19-Jul-07 11:25:20

Thanks for these - he already has two bottom teeth, so perhaps its the top ones coming through. Thing is, once he is up he is all smiles and giggles so I figure it can't be that painful - he just has us wrapped round his tiny finger

KleineMaus Mon 23-Jul-07 12:46:37

Sorry to come to this late, but I just spotted the thread and thought I'd chip in. My DS is 12 months now, but I remember his sleep getting much worse during weaning when I thought it would get better. I came to the conclusion in the end that it was digestion that was waking him up and tried giving him a really light meal at teatime, avoiding anything that might give him a sore tummy like fruit or lentils. It seemed to help. Might be worth a try.

chocbutton Mon 23-Jul-07 16:41:02

thanks, will try cutting out fruit tonight and see what happens - he gets lots in the day so won't miss out. i too expected sleeping to get better and was therefore v disappointed! glad its not just me!!

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