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Sleep pattern disturbed by solids?

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constancereader Wed 18-Jul-07 06:13:21

My six month old has been waking at five thirty for a while, this I can cope with, but since starting solids has started waking at ten, twelve and four as well. It can take up to an hour to settle him at these times. He has started to poo at least five or six times a day, and his waking in the night often co-incides with a poo. It seems to disturb him. He has been on solids for about two weeks, and is eating fruit and veg mostly.

Would feeding him more carbs help? Poo is healthy yellow. He doesn't go back to sleep at five btw. I am finding it hard as have insomnia (strange when sleep deprived I know, I just can't go back to sleep easily after being woken, and the more tired I am the worse it gets!)

BandofMuggles Wed 18-Jul-07 06:40:01

It is probably a growth spurt if he is 6 mths. They have one around then.
Just as they settle into a sleeping pattern he'll probably have another one
They're annoying like that

constancereader Wed 18-Jul-07 06:55:47

He doesn't seem to be hungry when he wakes though, I bf him but he isn't really interested. He won't settle in bed with me either. I am just wondering if it might be teething that is upsetting him or solids.

quokka Wed 18-Jul-07 07:53:21

both of mine did this and I started massaging their tummies at bedtime as it aids digestion, which is why he might be waking at night. Its a common problem which usually gets palmed off as teething. Nothing to worry about, did you do a baby massage course? If not then I would do one so you know what your doing. You rub their tummy clockwise with occaisional downward strokes on the right. I use an aromatherapy blend which has been made up especially for this. Both mine love and if I forget to get the oil out I'm quickly reminded! hth

constancereader Wed 18-Jul-07 07:55:12

Cheers, great idea. It is reassuring to know others had the same problem too.

crayon Wed 18-Jul-07 18:18:47

Our three all did this. Gradually it has got better as their systems have matured.

Good luck!

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