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10pm bedtime for nearly 11 month old [angry]

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crayon Mon 16-Jul-07 22:10:09

DS3, nearly 11 months, is really hard to get down at night. He suffers from wind a lot so his bedtime has got later and later whilst we try and sort out his tummy.

On a very good day he will be down at 9pm, but generally it is 9.30 or 10pm. I've tried moving it backwards at 15m increments, but it is tough.

I don't start feeding him until his brothers are in bed (8-8.30pm) and it leaves me with so little time to sort the house out, lock up (if DH away), get ready for bed etc.

I think Richard Ferber says to move wake up time earlier, but currently it is about 6.30/7.00, which is plenty early enough for me!

Does anyone have any good ideas for shifting his body clock?

Yurtgirl Mon 16-Jul-07 22:11:54

How many naps does he have during the day? How long for and at what time?

PinkPotterWeasleys Mon 16-Jul-07 22:11:55

How much does he sleep in the day? This might affect his night time sleep (if it's too much or too little). Don't know the answer to your question though - sorry.

SpacePuppy Mon 16-Jul-07 22:14:55

I would say sort out the feeding time and wind, you might have your battle won halfway by then.

He is waiting on you to feed him, try and put his brother to bed with a story book while you read to them you feed him. If he is nearly 11 months, is it possible that it is something in his diet?

crayon Mon 16-Jul-07 22:22:19

Naps are varied to be honest because I have one son at school and one at nursery part time. No one day is the same and can't really be the same.

Generally he seems to sleep at about 11am and again in the afternoon. He used to fall asleep over supper sometimes when younger, but not now. He doesn't sleep for long - maybe 30-60 mins each nap.

I guess it could be something in his diet causing the wind, but I've not noticed any trend (I have been thinking about this before though so avoid wind producing foods late in the day - or at all).

He is easily distracted feeding in the evenings with his brothers about and tbh I really enjoy feeding him quietly at night when they are in bed.

My main problem is that I don't know how to move it earlier - cc seems cruel if his body clock is set at 10pm, and I don't know how to shift it earlier.

BigHotMama Mon 16-Jul-07 22:25:05

Crayon, my ds is almost 11 months and we have got him into a good routine at the moment not sure how long it will last lol.

He wakes up around 7amish, has a nap around 11-12pmish, might have an afternoon nap depending on if we go out in the car or after swimming, but then by 5pm he has had his tea and at 6.30pm his last 7oz bottle and by 7.30pmish he is down for the night. I do find that the later we feed him the later he stays up? Not sure if that actually helps?
Also we make sure he gets a good balance of carbs and protein throughout the day so he isnt lacking anything.

Bet your shattered! Good luck!

crayon Mon 16-Jul-07 22:56:19

Thanks BigHotMama. It sound like a good routine you have going there.

crayon Mon 16-Jul-07 22:57:35

Thanks all. I have done myself a chart to incentivise me to be really strict for 2 weeks about moving everything forward a bit and ensuring his nap/meal times are consistent.

Here goes ...

Yurtgirl Mon 16-Jul-07 23:07:50

I asked about naps because for they always affect my kids nighttimes

I would suggest reducing the length of daytime naps

If you want ds asleep at 7pm for example I would suggest making sure he is asleep for no longer than 2 - 2 1/2 hours during the day and always awake from 3pm onwards

HTH that is what has always worked for me

clutteredup Mon 16-Jul-07 23:22:17

crayon i just looked at your profile and my dc are about the same as yours. i have a nightmare at bedtimes, i now feed dd2 when other 2 are in the bath. then put her down, leaving her to cry if she's not pleased about it andshe will usually settle down. if not and she's getting really upset i'll feed her while reading stories (not ideal i know) but it usually works and hopefully most of the time i have them allin bed (not always asleep ) by 8 - 8.30. i don't feel i get enough time in the evening like this so i do feel for you. dd2 still wakes at night but we're trying to feed her at 10 ish and hoping she'll go through the night - no luck yet but at least i get a couple of hours in the eveningchild free.

callmeovercautious Mon 16-Jul-07 23:29:06

I agree with yurtgirl. If my DD sleeps after 3/3.30 she won't go down for ages. Hard if you are out in the car/pram. I only have the one so I try to get everything done early in the day so we can play in the afternoon. Tea is at 5 - 6 and bed between 7 -8.

crayon Tue 17-Jul-07 14:22:30

Thanks all. I'll keep an eye on naps. He doesn't generally sleep for longer than 2 hours, but he does sometimes nod off on the way back from school.

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