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Amby and a newborn - any tips or advice?

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theprecious Mon 16-Jul-07 12:09:48

calling all amby users!

ds seems quite happy in the amby sometimes, will go down after first night feed. However then a bit later on he'll fuss and take a couple of tries. Then for the last feed (5-7am ish) he won't go back in so I bring him to bed and he sleeps well.

I am assuming this is normal and not amby related, would it happen in a "normal" cot?

Also he gets hiccups a lot when I put him in it.

In general any good tips for the amby? How did your newborns react to it (ds 7 days old).

Am not worried about him, just interested.

Scoobi6 Mon 16-Jul-07 22:09:32

Hi theprecious, congratulations on your new arrival! I used the amby from birth for dd (she is 7 mo now) and as far as I remember, she just wanted to be cuddled for the first few weeks and didn't settle very well. Just go with the flow for a while! But she started sleeping through the night in it from 6 weeks old, and dh was particularly good at bouncing her to sleep in it when she was unsettled and I'd had enough. I think a lot of babies are restless in the evenings, they want to feed a lot and "stock up" for the night.

I think the hiccups is normal for newborns, something to do with their diaphragms being immature. It goes away as they grow.

I kept the amby right next to our bed so when dd stirred I could put an arm out and bounce it. As she got heavier, her own movements would make it bounce when she stirred.

Hope that helps, enjoy your newborn!

theprecious Tue 17-Jul-07 18:14:40

cool - thanks for that Scoobi6 - sounds like we are doing fine.

anyone else ?

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