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Won't sleep when not at home

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Cherrian Mon 02-Apr-01 20:44:04

This board hasn't had a message for a while so probably everything got sorted. But I just wanted to add that we too had enormous difficulty getting our little girl to sleep away from home when she was between 18 months and 36 months and then the problem disappeared. I am left wondering if this was partly a developmental thing. So that although keeping things as familiar as possible really helps, kids know when things have changed, and for whatever reason this can disturb some kids more than others at particular times in their lives. It is a pain but not permanent. Has anyone else found this?

Debsb Tue 03-Apr-01 09:04:04

cherrian - yes, my 2 were exactly the same. My eldest has always slept 12 hours, but would frequently wake whenever we were away. My youngest has never been a good sleeper anyway so it was not much different. I just found that we tended to keep away trips short (3 nights or less) else we were both zombied. It did seem to sort itself out when they reached about 3, so I think it probably is 'just a stage'

Lisaj Tue 03-Apr-01 19:40:31

Since I last wrote in December we have been away for a couple of overnight stays and things do seem to have got better, so hopefully it was just a temporary blip. However, we are due to take him on his first holiday abroad next month, so I am a bit apprehensive about how he will be then since it will all be completely different.

futurity Sat 19-Apr-03 21:01:05

Found this thread and thought the title summed up my questions.

Basically my 15 month ds won't sleep in the day when we go to my parents for the day (like today!). At home he has a routine of lunch then nap and, aside from teething issues, he sleeps for a few hours. However he won't when he goes to my parents as, understandably, he freaks out as this is a very rare event and he is a bit confused!

However, we have booked our first holiday to be in the UK in a couple of weeks (a cottage in Norfolk) and am now worried as to how he will sleep whether it be in the day or at night. I suppose before we go we can get him used to his travel cot more but any other suggestions as to how to make the holiday sleeping arrangements as calm as possible for all!?

futurity Tue 22-Apr-03 08:27:56

Any thoughts welcome!

Bozza Tue 22-Apr-03 09:55:17

Any chance of him sleeping in the car or pushchair?

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