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How much sleep is normal for a 10 week old?

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dejags Tue 10-Jul-07 10:38:19

DD is 10 weeks on Wed. She was born 3.5 weeks early.

She seems to need a lot of sleep and I am slightly concerned it may be something to do with her being so sick.

She sleeps on average 17/18 hours out of 24. A typical day would be:

She sleeps fairly well at night - goes to bed at 7pm, wakes around 1-2 for a feed. Feeds at 5ish then back to sleep until 6.30 when her dad gets up.

Is this normal? I thought by now she'd be more alert for longer periods?

dejags Tue 10-Jul-07 10:40:13

forget the typical day bit. basically she can't stay awake for longer than 1.5 hours without needing a kip.

Should clarify that she was in hospital for two weeks with RSV Bronchiolitis from week 4 to week 6.

nowwearefour Tue 10-Jul-07 10:45:03

This is absolutely normal i woud think. very few babies can go longer than 2 hrs for some months. my baby (no 2) is now 7 weeks old born at 42 weeks and can barely make it past 1 hr without wanting to conk out. Enjoy it as iy wont last forever i promise.

dejags Tue 10-Jul-07 12:41:30

Thanks for that. I am comparing her to her older brothers who were much more alert at this age.

The older children were awake for the best part of the day at the same age - just a long nap at lunchtime and perhaps a catnap or two during the day.

She has been getting extremely grizzly about 1.5 hours after a feed - I was confused about what she wanted for a while which meant that I had a very unhappy baby for a while.

Ho hum - shows that all babies are different!

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