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13 month old routine unravelling before my eyes - help!

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foxymagoo Sat 07-Jul-07 11:24:02

ds has been a great napper and sleeper from @ 5 weeks but over the past few days it just seems to be going to pot. He nromally sleeps 7.30pm-6.30am with a 45 minute morning nap and 1 hour luinchtime nap.

Over the last few days he is waking @ 1am for me and no amount of Pick up/put down or shooshing has worked and I've ended up bringing him into bed - something I hate doing as me and dh lie awake and ds thinks its play time (we bring him into bed for his morning milk and he loves crawling all over the bed).

This mornng he didn't go for his morning nap until 10.15am which means his lunchtime nap will be to pot.

Is the above normal for 13 month olds - is he just needing less sleep? what do you think the night waking is all about? (He's not teething or in any type of pain that we can fathom out).

I'm terrified that all the hard work me, dh and ds put in to get a good routine going is all going to unravel in his 2nd year

Any advice welcome.

Beelliesebub Sat 07-Jul-07 12:16:03

I'm afraid it's a long time since my ds's were small but unfortunately they change their routine themselves. I am pretty sure he just doesn't need as much sleep. I would try cutting out his lunch time nap or his morning nap and perhaps put him to bed an hour later. Its all about doing what suits you both best, really. HTH

Weegle Sun 08-Jul-07 14:51:01

Could be he's ready to drop a nap?

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