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DD has started waking at 11pm on the dot every night.....

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GibbonInARibbon Fri 06-Jul-07 23:11:15

really crying out, just takes a stroke of the head and off she goes again

she is 10 months and had happened every night for the last two weeks...anyone else had this?????

PussinJimmyChoos Fri 06-Jul-07 23:14:36

Yup!! With DS - regularly! Lately its at 5am . We usually stagger in, give him a dummy and his binky and he settles back. Can you do similar?

If not, leave it for a minute or so and she may settle back. A lot of the times they are crying out and are not even awake and will settle back to sleep. If you do go in, don't talk or pick her up as this can make them wake right up and then you have a battle on your hands. Gently pat the back and go shhh shhhh shhh...


GibbonInARibbon Fri 06-Jul-07 23:18:10


yes don't talk other than say shhhhh and stroke her head for a few seconds...she is fully awake and really cries out...sometimes in the night she crys out in her sleep but this is full on awake mode bang on 11pm....very odd.

PussinJimmyChoos Fri 06-Jul-07 23:23:05

Have you got a binky? I crotched two for DS as he loves to rub something over his face and crotcheting leaves space for breathing even if its over his face and its such a comfort for him - worth a try?

Or what about one of those ceiling mobiles? We did that for him as well when he woke right up

Also, has she been doing anything new lately? When they start crawling or whatever, their brain really gets more active and processing all of it can make them wake up suddenly....or something like that....<Dr Spock emoticon>

Makes you jump like hell doesn't it!!

PeachesMcLean Fri 06-Jul-07 23:27:51

Oh what joy, DS used to do this, 10.10pm. You could set your clock by him. No idea why. Just got to carry on as MsChoo suggests, maybe try leaving it a bit longer each time before you go back in. So long as he's settling himself to sleep at other times, ie when you first put him down, then he can learn to do it when he gets into a wakeful phase.

GibbonInARibbon Fri 06-Jul-07 23:28:58

yes, she had teddy and a muslin, she goes straight back's more the 11pm on the dot that I find odd, if it was different times each night I would just put it down to developmental reasons....we'll see how long this phase lasts

how old is your DS?

GibbonInARibbon Fri 06-Jul-07 23:30:09

so peaches you had an on the dotter too

isn't it odd?

GibbonInARibbon Fri 06-Jul-07 23:31:15

she settles fine, I say goodnight, she happily drifts off and has done for months (naps too)

PussinJimmyChoos Fri 06-Jul-07 23:31:47

Just over a year now..he's been doing the screeching out for ages now - hence all my suggestions! lol!!

The fave now and it does work is stagger in while still in sleep walking mode....have spare dummies all lined up ready to grab....feel around for mouth...find his nostril...realise thats not where the dummy goes...find mouth....fling binky over his face and stagger back out, all without really waking up! I can even manage a stagger to the loo and a comatose pee at times!

GibbonInARibbon Fri 06-Jul-07 23:34:04

pmsl...I know the feeling, if DD occaisonally does wake in the night I do just that

PeachesMcLean Fri 06-Jul-07 23:41:01

Sorry to say he did do it for quite a while, though for a few months he didn't need any attention. You could just hear him whining on the monitor for a minute, then back to his usual snuffly sleeping.

GibbonInARibbon Fri 06-Jul-07 23:43:03

that's the odd thing peaches, if DD does that I know she'll snuffle back off to deep sleep....this is full on crying out

PussinJimmyChoos Fri 06-Jul-07 23:46:11


I think the screeching out has taken years off our live expectancy! Well, more DH's than mine as I'm deaf, but it still sets off my alert pager - which is under the matress and its mahoosive....the vibrations are like concorde taking off.....horrible way to wake!

GibbonInARibbon Fri 06-Jul-07 23:47:35

it does scare the crap out of you

thanks for letting me know I'm not alone chaps

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