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ellasmum Thu 08-Aug-02 14:16:45


I have a question for those of you that have used Elizabeth Pantley's book.

I have been trying to extend DD's naps so that she is actually waking up refreshed rather than grumpy after a 45 minute one.

In EP's book, she says to extend the nap by feeding/rocking etc.. and that in a week the baby will know that they should be sleeping for longer.

Has anyone had any success with this? I have been doing it for a while now and DD doesn't seem to realise what she is meant to be doing. I am reluctant to keep trying as it seems like DD won't learn to soothe herself back to sleep.

So am interested to see if anyone had success with this method - and infact any of EP's suggestions.


ionesmum Thu 08-Aug-02 15:17:49

Hi, Ellasmum!

I get dd back off to sleep by making sure she has her dummy and stroking her head. It has made her naps longer but I still need to do this sometimes. However, dd does now get herself off to sleep most of the time which she didn't before. I've also found getting dd a soft cuddly successful, and playing music - I'm still waiting for our lullaby CD to come from Amazon so have been playing Vaughan Williams instead. Baths wake dd up so she has hers before her supper.

Dd is now 24 weeks and just in this last fortnight has been putting herself into a routine. We now get up, eat and go to bed at the same times each day. Only her naps still don't follow a pattern but I am confident that as she's sorted everything else out, this will follow.

Good luck!

ellasmum Thu 08-Aug-02 16:58:27

That is interesting about only getting into a routine at 24 weeks - DD is 17 weeks so maybe things will sort themselves out soon.

At the moment I feel like her feeding is all over the place as I am still having to feed her to sleep. Although at lunchtime today she managed to get herself off to sleep - probably a fluke though!!

Bozza Thu 08-Aug-02 17:08:34

ellasmum DS was about 16 - 20 weeks when we got him into a routine of sorts so hang in there.

Tissy Sat 10-Aug-02 15:58:12

Ellasmum, dd is almost 7 mos old and is just about in a routine. She still wakes up at least once a night, but usually only for a quick feed, then back to sleep. She naps at roughly the same time each day, but I have to say, not for as long as EP (or Richard Ferber) says she should. Having said that, she wakes up smiley, and isn't overtired at bedtime, so I think she naps enough. Sorry I can't be any more help with the nap thing- we haven't had to do it!

ellasmum Sun 11-Aug-02 15:06:09

I have the same situation with total time of naps - no where near the 5 hours recommended by Ferber etc...

But, like you, I think as long as they wake up happy and seem OK during the day then that is good enough.

Enid Sun 11-Aug-02 16:33:31

5 hours of naps at 17 weeks! Is that really what Ferber/Pantley recommend? I'd be interested to know what the timescale is for that as it seems excessive.

ionesmum Sun 11-Aug-02 17:58:04

I think that dd can read. She's all over the place again!

ellasmum Mon 12-Aug-02 10:09:41

Hi Enid...

According to Ferber/Pantley etc.. at 3 months they should be having 5 hours spread over 3 naps and at 6 months they should be having 3-4 hours spread over 2 naps.

Seems like a lot to me - can't really work it out. GF says no more than 3 hours at this stage.

Who knows what is right - I am working on the principle that if DD is asleep then leave her unless she is going to sleep through nexxt feed. Seems to be working at the moment.

Enid Mon 12-Aug-02 10:32:18

It does seem like a lot ellasmum. I guess if it works for your child then brilliant! You've got 5 hours while they nap. But if dd had slept that much at 17 weeks I wouldn't have expected her to sleep from 7-7 (which is what she did). If you then expect your child to sleep for a 12 hour stretch then they would only be awake for 7 hours, which doesn't seem like much.

ionesmum Mon 12-Aug-02 12:22:14

ellasmum, I do the same as you. Dd slept for hours yesterday and I had to wake her for two feeds. She was awake most of the evening but went to sleep really easily after her last bottle.

I think that dd is mixed up again because I've introduced a solid breakfast.

ellasmum Mon 12-Aug-02 13:28:11

Enid - meant to make it clearer - my DD takes no where near the 5 hours on most days. I'm lucky to get 2.5 hours to be honest. I also agree that it would seem wierd to expect 12 hours sleep after a full days sleeping.

Ionesmum - what time do you give breakfast? I have just started solids and am giving fruit puree at 11.30 ish and then baby rice about half an hour before bathtime. Is breakfast as soon as they get up - also what do you give??

ionesmum Mon 12-Aug-02 21:59:41

Ellasmum, dd has her dinner (puree) at about 6p.m. - after her bath- and I've been giving her morning solids about 10a.m. but then dd does wake late. I've been giving her baby yoghurt or puree. It's not going too well though as dd has been turning her nose up at her dinner and has even begun to gag on it, although she did decide to munch her way through a jar of Organix that I tried her with in desperation.

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