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OMG! dd just fell asleep by herself for the first time EVER! does this mean i can ditch the dummies then??

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daisybo Tue 03-Jul-07 19:15:40

title says it all really. put dd to bed at 6.50 and she was just laughing in her cot, and wouldn't take her dummy, so i just left her to it while i put ds to bed, fully expecting her to start screaming for her dummy once she'd decided she was tired BUT.... i just put my head around the door and she is fast asleep sucking her thumb
does this mean i can throw the blimmin things in the bin then? if i do what do i do when she does cry for it (tonight or tomorrow)? don't know if i have the courage to go dummyless....

daisybo Tue 03-Jul-07 19:30:18

btw she is 5 months old

gingerninja Tue 03-Jul-07 21:14:39

Gord knows so bumping. I know I'd cave in immediately. Mine has done this occasionally but it's never lasted.

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