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Sleep 'methods' for 1yr old, that don't involve CC or the NCSS?

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PregnantGrrrl Tue 03-Jul-07 07:05:17

Does anyone have any info on sleep methods that don't mean leaving 1yr old DS to cry, or the No Cry Sleep Solution?

He drinks himself to sleep every night around 6.30-7pm, was waking once a night a few weeks ago, but gone awful since we back from hol's. Woke about 5 times last night, and got up at 4am for 2 hours.

He's not jetlagged, naps for max 1 1/2 hrs in the day, eats reasonably well. I can't take much more!!

Any ideas for 'kind' nudges in the right direction?

yogimum Tue 03-Jul-07 07:26:30

My ds is almost one. He sleeps through but occasionally (last night) he woke up at 1 am. I go in and sit by his cot and just rub his back and he went back to sleep. I don't talk to him or make eye contact. It make just take a week or two to settle after your holidays. I would however give him his milk earlier and put him in his cot awake so he doesn't associate going to sleep with a drink. I sit by the cot at bedtime, I only say its "time to go to sleep" and then I wait until he goes to sleep. He grumbles a bit but then drops off. If I left him he would just scream the place down, so thats not an option for me either.

PregnantGrrrl Tue 03-Jul-07 07:31:27

been back a few weeks now. The thing is, after a few days he was settling nicely, but it's all gone pear shaped.

i want to be able to put him in his cot awake and let him go off on his own, but i'm afraid to in a way- i know he'll go off with his drink.

and i'm having to get him off milk at night again, having got him onto a couple of sucks of water previously.

i am so tired i'm almost too tired to start a new regime, but something has to give! Perhaps we need a new routine

cruisemum1 Tue 03-Jul-07 07:41:51

pG - I second your idea of a new routine. Maybe wipe the slate clean(ish) and begin again. Rather than fannying around changing a bit here and a bit there over a period of weeks (which, imo, seems long winded and confusing, i.e. they just get used to one thing and then it changes blah blah), maybe a more dramatic approach would work with your lo. Let us know how it goes. Good luck . You still pregnant?!

PregnantGrrrl Tue 03-Jul-07 07:48:29

25 weeks. when will it end?!!!

i think from tonight it's strict wind down time / bath / book / bottle.

On the weekend (when i won't have work) i'm going to start putting him down awake-ish. (Scary!!!)

PregnantGrrrl Wed 04-Jul-07 07:17:32

well, last night was quite positive!

i've decided we're having a set time for tea and bath, then quiet time until he's ready for bed.

i only offered water last night, he drank 6ozs through the night. he woke twice, once for 20 mins, once for 1hr and 20mins. I put him down sleepy but not asleep the 2nd time too, and he slept until 6am!

fingers crossed for tonight now!!!!!

cruisemum1 Wed 04-Jul-07 08:45:28

well done PG! Sounds like an improvement. Maybe lo will get the hang of it jsut in time for sleepless nights with your newbie!

PregnantGrrrl Thu 05-Jul-07 07:23:00


last night was good- went down at 6.30, slept until 2.45am, then after an hour i got him back to sleep until about 6.45am!

cruisemum1 Thu 05-Jul-07 07:37:17

ohmygosh! thats great!" i wish i could get my lo to sleep till 6:45am. He woke at 5:35am this morning . Feel tired, grumpy and uncoordiated. aaarrrggghh!

PregnantGrrrl Thu 05-Jul-07 08:56:53


i went to bed at 8.30pm, to give me a head start on the little swine

have told DH that if DS up before 5.30am from now on, we check if he is wet, and if not, he gets quiet soft toys in his cot for at least 30mins, regardless of grumping.

i'm amazed how good it's going so far- i'm gradually trying to get him to settle himself too now- tried in the night leaving him for 15mins sleepy but awake. He grumped for a while, then cried, so i gave him a cuddle and some water and he went to sleep. He seems to be getting used to lying there for a bit though.

get some coffee down you!

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