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staying with him, shushing and patting - worked for nights so far but....

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peacemama Wed 27-Jun-07 06:51:56

Hi - I got fed up of breasfeeding to sleep every night cos it took hours and dh and I had no evenings together - so one night we stayed with him until he fell asleep unaided apart from pats and picking up. It worked (though he cried) and the next night he went straight to sleep in his cot after a feed. (then coslept in the early hours) Since then its been pretty good (only one evening since where he cried for half an hour, dh with him)
Anyway, so now the hv recommended I do the same with day sleeps (normally I rock him in the hammock) He is nearly 7 months and will be too big for hammock soon. I tried today but he cried and it felt wrong and I couldn't do it. I couldn't do cc and what we've done for the evenings was okay. (maybe cos dh did it!)
But what about the day sleeps? Anybody got any advice or experience or success with similar method that I've used?
Also is the no cry sleep solution any good?
Thanks - sorry its a bit of a ramble. I get so lost with all the different books and opinions and am anxious not do any harm but also want an easier life! Don't we all!

MrsPuddleduck Wed 27-Jun-07 10:07:22

I used the controlled crying method with my two and if you can get through the guilt it is worth it.

I always started with day sleeps as it is easier to listen to crying in the day than at night. I would put them to bed say the same phrase "see you when you wake up" and then walk out. I would leave for 5 mins and then go back and just comfort for a short time and pat them before going out again. I would go back though after 5 mins again. Generally speaking I wouldn't then leave for 10 and then 15 mins as I think it is too long.

I always put the TV on and watched it for five minutes as opposed to sit and agonised while they cried.

In my experience it only took a few days and it does make things a lot better. Now even if my baby (14 months) wakes in the night he just grumbles and then gets himself back to sleep. It is really difficult but worth it in the long run.

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